20 JSA Artists Selected for Regional Governor's Youth Art Award Competition

On Saturday March 9, JSA artists will be considered for the annual Ohio Governor’s Art Awards Competition.

The regional judging this Saturday will showcase the artworks of 20 JSA STUDENTS!

Only 2,500 pieced are selected for the regional judging, from a field of more than 11,500.

The final 300 pieces from the state will be selected from the pool of 2,500 submissions for the Ohio Governor's Art Exhibition and Awards Competition.

Congratulations and Good Luck to All JSA Finalists (Listed Below)

Alexia Avdelas, (5 pieces)
Madyson Bostic
Justin Chen (2 pieces)
Abby Evans
Avery Freels (2 pieces)
Francesca Gonzalez (2 pieces)
Mayla Hager
Isabella Hellmann
May Li (3 pieces)
Elizabeth Lowe

We are so proud of all of you! Good luck, everyone!

Christine Parshall (4 pieces)
Keana Royce
Alexa Pecorelli (3 pieces)
Angela Tu
Mary Visco (4 pieces)
Audrey Yoder (2 pieces)
Hannah Elias
Abigail Arnold (2 pieces)
Angela Spadone
Brynn Marcelli